Monster Level


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Information on how Monster Level affects monster stats can be found at Monsters.

Monster Level modifiers raise or lower the stats of the monsters you encounter. This adjustment affects the monster's attack, defense, HP, initiative, and the stat gains given after defeating the monster.

While increased monster level increases stat gains at the end of combat, enchantments that directly give Stat Gains from Fights do not affect monster level. For example, bringing a Blood-Faced Volleyball familiar will increase your stats per fight but will not make the fight more difficult.

Monster Level modifiers should not be confused with deleveling, which decreases monster attack and defense during combat, but does not alter stat gains.


For every point of increased Monster Level, the monsters you fight receive:

Colloquially, the term "Monster Level" (in the context of an absolute value, as opposed to "+X to Monster Level") is often used to mean "the value from which the monster's stat gains are calculated". For most monsters, this value is actually the monster's attack. Some people use these terms interchangeably. Each point of attack from +ML confers +0.33 stat gain, instead of the +0.25 stat gain normally given. Special Monsters instead calculate stat gains based on your mainstat, not the monster's attack.

Monster Level modifiers are not applied to monsters that are created during combat with a different monster (for example, amphibians produced by CLEESH, or tomb rat kings).

Bonus Monster Abilities

Since the May 14, 2014 revamp, running high amounts of +ML (Monster Level modifiers) gives the monsters new abilities, making them even more challenging. The exact details of these abilities are still being determined.

Strategy Implications

Based on this, here are some basic adventuring strategies:

Special Interactions