Power Leveling is a strategy for spending Adventures in an optimal way so as to maximize experience gained per turn. This is not only handy for speed runs, but also for getting the nine level 30 trophies (one for each class and one each for Avatars of BorisJarlsberg, and Sneaky Pete).



Low level suggestions

Medium level suggestions

High level suggestions

These are for level 13 and above, and assume you are not in Ronin/HC. Remember to halve the time your leveling takes by using Boosty Juice.



Not recommended.


Spookyraven Manor

Adventuring in the appropriate Spookyraven zone, with +noncombat (see Combat Frequency) is a cheap way to earn stats. Here are the base average stats (with everything set up, and making optimal choices in choice adventures):

Clan Basement

- For high-level monsters: 270ML, 300ML, 400ML in Hobopolis, and Slime Tube monsters have special +ML modifiers.

The Sea Floor

- The Sea has some of the strongest monsters. Another strategy, then, is simply to boost monster level up as high as you can, and go there with a fairy or a sombrero. This gives fewer stats than the other strategies mentioned so far, but it may also give you a few useful items if you have good enough item-drop boosters.

Business class

First class

Scaling Monsters. Buff up your mainstat to increase your stat gain. Use a sombrero, or a Disembodied Hand for more mainstat. Pump more meat into mainstat buffs and you'll get more stats.

Seal Clubbers will find it easier and cheaper to kill Mother Hellseals, and can continue doing so until reaching 4000 Muscle is relatively cheap.

Fernswarthy's Basement doesn't have monsters that scale with your stats, but they do have stronger and stronger monsters (5000ML at around floor 267), as well as stat adventures every five floors. Gives you stat rewards that scale with your main stat, and monsters that scale with basement depth. The monsters will surpass clovers after a few hundred levels, though you will find that you must spend more and more meat on buffs, until at some point you must level up outside of the basement before continuing.

Some monsters offer very high ML without scaling to player stats. These include:

Very high level

Lazy way is sign gyms or Richard's Redoubt. Optimal way is scaling monsters, unless you're going for really high levels, in which case The Mansion of Dr. Weirdeaux wins in the long run. [1]

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