Interactive KOL Ascension Checklist

Quest Preferences

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Last Update: 9 April, 2020.
Mandatory Quests Optional Quests Settings
  •  Spooky Forest Quest
  •  Typical Tavern Quest 
  •  Boss Bat Quest 
  •  The King of Cobb's Knob Quest
  •  Deep Fat Friars' Gate Quest
  •  Undefile the Cyrpt Quest
  •  Mt. McLargeHuge Quest
  •  Orc Chasm Quest
  •  Unlock the Mysterious Island
  •  Bitchin' Meatcar Quest
  •  Untinker Quest
  •  Giant Trash Quest
  •  Quest for the Holy MacGuffin
  •  Spooky Raven quest
  •  Unlock Spookyraven Manor Second Floor
  •  Hidden Temple quest
  •  Spooky Temple Map Quest
  •  The Palindome 
  •  Cap'm Caronch Quest
  •  Unlock Cobb's Knob Laboratory
  •  The Ancient Buried Pyramid
  •  Pyramid quest
  •  Mysterious Island Quest
  •  Naughty Sorceress Quest
  •  The Secret of the Dungeons of Doom
  •  Perplexing Door Items
Guild Quests
  •  The Wizard of Ego
  •  White Citadel Quest
  •  Legendary Epic Weapon Quest
Mysterious Island Sidequests
  •  The Lighthouse
  •  The Junkyard
  •  Mysterious Island Arena
  •  Ready the Guy Made Of Bees
  •  The Organic Orchard
  •  Our Lady of Perpetual Indecision
  •  McMillicancuddy's Farm
Other helpfull tasks
  •  Harold's Hammer Quest
  •  Obtain a Meat Maid
  •  Obtain a Bartender-in-the-box
  •  Obtain a Chef-in-the-box
  •  Unlock the Haunted Gallery
  •  Obtain Azazel's Steel Item
  •  Obtain a Zapping Wand
  •  Obtain a Pagoda
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