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Common Quest Themes


These general tasks are common amongst many different quests, and can use the same approaches. Turn-saving methods described here apply to specific tasks, described later on this page. Some quests use more than one of these themes in a single step.

Items and Item Drops

Several quests have steps that may require an item dropped by a monster to progress. Drop rates listed on this page are base drop rates. These methods apply to any task that mentions drop rates.

Non-combat Encounters

Several quests require encountering certain non-combats to progress. Similarly, some quest locations have non-combats that do not add progress. These methods apply to any task that mentions a zone's base combat rate.

Delay and Scheduled Encounters

Several quests require certain encounters that are not available until a certain number of turns are spent in a zone. If an encounter has a "delay of X", it cannot appear until X turns are spent in its zone. Scheduled and periodic encounters are similar, being different in that they will appear after X turns (regularly reoccurring if periodic). In a given zone, non-combats that take an Adventure and resolved combats (win, lose, run) count as turns spent there, while non-combats that do not take an Adventure do not. These methods apply to any task that mentions "delay", "scheduled", and "periodic".

Encounter Manipulation

Several quests involve Adventuring in zones with multiple possible encounters, but not all of them are useful for progress. For example, not all monsters in a zone drop a needed item, or a specific monster must be defeated X times. The Adventure Queue page provides more details on encounter rates, based on previous encounters. These methods apply to any task that mentions a zone's number of monsters and/or non-combats.

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