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This page is intended to describe Council quest requirements and methods of completing quests in fewer turns, towards the goal of finishing Ascensions faster and/or placing on Leaderboards.

For each quest, there will be a list of requirements to start the quest, the tasksneeded to finish it, interspaced with turn-saving methods, and the rewards given for completion. Ascension paths may change any of these quest aspects.

Locations mentioned on this page may have a parenthetical note attached, containing quest-relevant zone parameters. These numbers do not include special encounters.


Turn-saving methods described on this page fall into one of ConsistencyShortcuts, or Miscellaneous, each with its own icon. No category is inherently "better" than others - each quest has different ways of finishing faster, for different returns in turn-saving, and sometimes competing with resources to accomplish these results.

Consistency (Consistency) For means of reducing variance (RNG) while questing, which reduces turns spent on a quest, on average. It is possible to achieve a "perfect RNG" outcome with or without these methods, but these methods make it more likely.

Example: Using bonus Item Drops to raise a drop rate to 100%, ensuring that item always drops.

Shortcuts (Shortcut) For means of finishing quest tasks in fewer turns, fewer than could be achieved by RNG alone.

Example: Pulling a relevant item from Hagnk's Ancestral Mini-Storage, passing a quest step without spending Adventures.

Miscellaneous (Miscellaneous) For other means that do not fit well into the other categories, such as quality of life improvements, or interactions that may help in a different task or quest.

Example: While unlocking The Haunted Ballroom, picking up a Killingjar.gif killing jar for use in the Pyramid subquest in the Quest for the Holy MacGuffin.

Limited-time content will be mentioned for specific quest interactions, and will include the year that this content became unavailable. Under Standard restrictions, imposed in Standard and current special challenge path runs while in Ronin or Hardcore, limited-time content from more than two calendar years earlier is unavailable. 

Information provided on this page comes from this wiki, and chat and forum discussions, and assumes a basic familiarity of game and quest mechanics. Each section links to the main quest page, providing more details and quest spoilers.


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